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4 - 7 July 2023

Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, ROMANIA

About Cluj-Napoca

Welcome to Cluj-Napoca: ”the city between the hills”

Cluj-Napoca has a special charm, given by its unique history, the geographical location and its warm and diverse inhabitants. 


Cluj-Napoca is: 

  • the geographical heart center of Transylvania 
  • Romania's second-largest city 
  • the residence of the Cluj county 
  • a diverse and multicultural center
  • the 2015’s Capital of European Youth
  • ranked #1 friendliest city in Europe
  • the most dynamic IT scene in Romania 
  • a historical core of Transylvania and the region’s center of economic and cultural development

The local culture and traditions, the wonderful historical legacy and the great atmosphere give the city its unique touch.

St Michael's Church

Photo source:  link

Imagini pentru National History Museum of Transylvania

National History Museum of Transylvania 

Photo source: link

Imagini pentru gradina botanica cluj

Botanical Garden

Photo source: travelue

Imagini pentru Parcul Etnografic Romulus Vuia

„Romulus Vuia” National Ethnographic Park 

Photo source: CNIPT Cluj.

Paintbrush Factory Photo source: link

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National Art Museum Photo source: link

Central Park "Simion Barnuțiu" Photo source: link

Fortress Hill Photo source: link

Museum Square  Photo source: Cristian Hedes

Bánffy Castle, Bontida Photo source: link

Moving around the city

Cluj (as it's called for short) is so easy to access and get around.

By bike


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By bus

  • Two-ride ticket costs about 6 RON & there are several ways to buy a ticket (with the card in the bus, via sms- send to 7479 a text with the bus no, from kiosks or vending machines or even online by downloading an app 24pay).
  • The public transportation system runs between 5:00 am and 12:30 am.
  • Find the routes online using the appTranzy or find the bus route map here 

By tram

  • tram routes that follow the city's riverside with 3 trams: 100, 101 and 102

By taxi and ride sharing

  • Probably the most convenient way to get around Cluj.
  • You can use the startaxi app, Ubber or the BOLT app to order a taxi.



Essential phrases you will need while staying in Romania:



La stânga / La dreapta (la stin-gah / la dreap-tah): To the left / To the right

Drept înainte (dreapt i-na-in-te): Straight forward

At the restaurant/bar

Unde este toaleta? (un-deh es-teh to-a-le-tah): Where is the bathroom?

Ne puteți da un meniu? (ne pu-te-th da un me-niu): Could you give us a menu?

Mâncare tradițională (man-ca-reh tra-dith-o-nalah): Traditional food

Apă (apa): water

Delicios (de-lih-cious): Delicious

At the market

Cât costă? (Cat kos-tah): How much does it cost?

Sunt proaspete? (sunt proas-pe-teh): Are they fresh?

Everyday essentials

Scuze (Sku-zeh): Excuse me

Mulțumesc (Mool-tzu-mesk) / Cu plăcere (Koo pla-che-reh): Thank you / You’re welcome

Poți să repeți, te rog?: Please say that again

Ajutor!: Help!


* If those are not enough you can use the following Android/iOS apps:

iTranslate Voice 3- simply speak into your phone and the app will translate, and speak, that sentence into one of 42 languages

Google Translate

SayHi- simply speak into your device and the app will translate and then transcribe a message to be seen and heard by your counterpart. 

TextGrabber-  allows you to point your phone’s camera at the inscrutable text in front of you, and instantly translates it to a language of your choosing.

DeepL works for translating text, photos or audio


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Photo source: link


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