Annual Conference of the European Association of Psychology and Law


4 - 7 July 2023

Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, ROMANIA

ECOnference: sustainability

Why are we talking about sustainability? 

Because we want to have a great event with a positive impact on our field and networking and creating the least possible negative impact on the environment. 

As organizers, we will take some steps for sustainability and in reducing the potential harming impact of the conference, however, as each one of us attending is an active member, we would like to share some simple ideas for what you can do before, here and after the event. 

What does it mean to be eco-friendly and sustainable and why should you do it?

By being eco-friendly, we can help to protect the environment and ensure a better future for ourselves and for generations to come. It's about making conscious decisions and taking actions that can make a positive impact on the world around us. And best of all, being eco-friendly doesn't have to be difficult or expensive - it can be as simple as taking a reusable bag to the grocery store or turning off the lights when you leave a room. It’s all about making small changes to our daily lives that can have a big impact on the environment.

The first step on the journey... take the train to Romania!

Are you ready for an adventure that combines sustainable travel with stunning scenery? Consider taking the train to Romania!

Did you know that you can easily search for train tickets on Interrail? 

Interrail is a great platform that offers you the chance to explore Europe by train, with easy access to various train schedules, prices, and routes. By choosing to travel by train, you not only get to experience the beauty of Europe's landscapes but also contribute to reducing carbon emissions and helping to preserve the environment. Check it out today, on: 

Once you arrive in Romania, you'll be greeted with a warm welcome and a wealth of cultural experiences to discover. From the breathtaking Carpathian Mountains to the picturesque villages of Transylvania, Romania is a land of contrasts and beauty.

The train station in Cluj-Napoca

10 useful tips on what you can actually do once you arrive in Cluj-Napoca

  1. Use public transportation: Consider using eco-friendly transportation options like biking, walking, or taking public transportation (bus and tram) to get to the conference. These means of transportation can help reduce your carbon footprint. If you do need to drive, consider carpooling with other attendees. 
  2. Bring your own reusable cup: By bringing a reusable water bottle, you can avoid using disposable plastic cups and bottles. This can apply to coffee or tea lovers, too! 
  3. Refuse single-use plastics: If you're provided with single-use plastics at the conference, such as straws or utensils, kindly refuse them and use your own reusable items.
  4. Use recycling bins: Pay attention to the recycling bins at the conference venue and make sure to dispose of your waste in the correct bin.
  5. Reduce paper usage: If you must take notes, consider bringing a tablet or laptop instead of using a paper notebook. Not only that, but EAPL offers electronic copies of conference materials, such as schedules and presentation abstracts, instead of printing them out. Access these materials on your phone or tablet instead of printing them.
  6. Choose sustainable food options: Food production and transportation can also have a significant impact on the environment. Buying organic and locally grown produce can help reduce the carbon footprint of the food you consume. It also supports local farmers and businesses. Choose vegetarian or vegan options for meals when possible. When you're done with your meal, compost any food waste or dispose of it in a bin marked for composting, if available. 
  7. Conserve energy in your hotel room: Turn off lights and electronics when you leave your hotel room, and adjust the thermostat to conserve energy while you're out. You can also reuse towels and linens to reduce water and energy use in hotel laundry services.
  8. Be mindful if you go shopping: Bring a reusable shopping bag with you when you go out to explore the city instead of using plastic bags from stores.
  9. Buy locally made gifts: Shopping local is an excellent way to reduce waste and have some great authentic gifts. 

Last, but not least...

  1. Spread the word: Share your eco-friendly practices and tips with others at the conference! By sharing your knowledge, you can inspire others to adopt sustainable habits in their daily lives, and create a ripple effect that can spread to their friends and family. 


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